Poster Display Boards, Single and Double Sided

Poster Display Boards, Single and Double Sided, 2

Poster Display Boards, Single and Double Sided. Our Poster Display Exhibition Stands are manufactured in silver anodised aluminium and are available in both single and double sided models. Featuring Snap Frame profiles of 32mm, our Presentation Stands clip open for easy poster change. They are highly visible at 1760 mm high and weigh 11kg. Our Display signboards feature snap frame profiles for clip open poster change. Ideal for exhibitions, retail, showrooms and any facility where the professional presentation of information is required. Sturdy and stable, this is a high quality, professional product at a low price. We also stock Oval Based Poster Stands

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A1 Poster Display Board, Double Sided, Two Legged Stand
A1 Twin-Legged Poster Display Board, Single Sided
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