Edge Lit Illuminated Snap Frames

Edge Lit Illuminated Snap Frames
Our Edge Lit Illuminated Snap Frames features LED Lighting in the sides of the frame, which provides even and bright illumination which is assured by a rested acrylic panel. Our Illuminated Snap Frame is for internal use. LED technology is long lasting and saves up to 60% energy costs in comparison to fluorescent tubes. The frame is very slim frame at 20mm deep. The Light box can be used either portrait or landscape. Fixings and instructions are supplied and the frame profile is 25mm. Our Edge Lit Light Box Snap Frames pass CE/UL PAT tests and include a quality certificate, power adapter, 3.5meters of cable and a fitted plug. Order on lie for next day delivery

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A2 Illuminated Snap Frame, 25mm
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A4 Illuminated Snap Frame, 25mm
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