Movie Poster Snap Frames, Black, Silver, 25mm

Black, Silver Movie Poster Clip Snap Frames, 25mm

Our Movie Poster Snap Frames are available in black and silver. They are perfect for displaying your movie posters. The front edges of the frame clip open and closed, allowing you to change your posters quickly and easily without removing it from the wall. Our snap frames have 1.5mm PVC anti glare covers and 1.5mm fluted plastic back panels. These are high quality Snap Frames at low prices. Our Poster Snap Frames are manufactured in anodised aluminium and our Black and Silver Poster Snap Frames are powder coated aluminium, making them robust and stylish. They are supplied with fixings and instructions. The fixings are hidden behind the Snap Frame when it is attached to the wall. 30" x 40" Snap Frames are also popular for movie posters

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