Waterproof, Lockable Silver Snap Frames, 32mm

Waterproof, Lockable Silver Snap Frames, 32mm

Waterproof and Lockable Silver Snap Frames, 32mm, providing the ideal attractive solution for exterior display. With unique allen key locks which quickly secure your posters, they are manufactured from premium anodised aluminium. Being fully weatherproof and secure, our Lockable, Waterproof Clip Frame is perfect for public locations. Your posters are protected by a sheet of anti-glare PVC, and the frames come complete with fixings. The screws are secreted behind the frame when it is fixed to the wall. They feature a unique waterproof foam seal, and are available manufactured to order in different colours, and unusual sizes as required.

Our Weatherproof and Lockable Snap Frames are shipped 3 to 4 days after the order date, as they are manufactured to order.

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